Sharing is Caring ~ This is my story

Why do I keep sharing about the goodness of Izumio and Slutein?
Simple as that.

It hurts me to see other Moms suffering with back pain yet still needing to go on with everyday struggle with taking care of their family while taking in the pain. I've been there. I've struggled enough. I've found something that helps me. 
Tell me... shouldn't I share with others who are in pain like me?

It hurts when I see kids suffering from eczema or fever or basically being sick. I too as a mother know how painful it is to see your own flesh and blood suffer. I give my kids these products to consume and I have seen a vast difference in their health. They seldom fall sick. And even if they do, they heal rather quickly. 
Tell me.. shouldn't I share with other parents?

Being able to see clearly a night again after suffering from night blindness for as long as I can remember is an awesome feeling. No more waiting for someone to drive me around at night. No more squinting my eyes when the glare is too much.
Tell me... shouldn't I share this with other who have eye problems too?

Being lactose intolerant for years has robbed me from indulging my fave food. But now am slowly able to eat dairy food. I can now take sips and bites of food I have not touch in years.
Now tell me... shouldn't I share this joy with someone else?

When I heard about a friend's daughter who suffers incontinence all her childhood and only after a few weeks can see improvement in her holding her bladder. The happy look on the little girls face just makes me cry!!
So tell me.. shouldn't I share that there is hope??

One of our member who is doctor suffered really bad RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis). So bad she had to be on a wheelchair for a period of time. Her kidney failed on her and yet as a doc she herself decided to stop all medication and try other alternative. Lucky for her ...someone introduced these products to her and now is as healthy as can be. She even went to Maldives recently during the company trip. 
Tell me... shouldn't I share that there is hope to get better?

My own mother woke up one day saying that she couldn't move one part of her body. All I did was give her a packet of Izumio to drink and after less than half an hour she could move her body slowly. I continued giving her more Izumio and brought her to the hospital for a checkup.
And when we got to the hospital... the doctors said it was most likely a MINI STROKE because she couldnt grip the ER doc finger. But when they did all the test and bloodworks... they didnt find anything wrong with her except for her osteoarthritis and slip disc which has been bugging her for years. 
I continued feeding her Izumio with confidence that it will continue to help her.
Later on that evening... she was able to grasp the doc finger with much strength.
The doc then concluded it was merely a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) ... almost a stroke!!
They discharged her a day after that and she went home to rest.
My Mom doesn't consume these products.
I only give it to her when I see the need.
And I do believe it has helped her in ways that medicine alone couldn't.
Don't get me wrong... I still do believe in medicine just not to take them unnecessarily.
Tell me... shouldn't I share this with others out there?

My mission is to SHARE.
SHARE that the is HOPE.
HOPE to heal... 
HOPE to live ...
HOPE to be pain free...
HOPE to be healthy again
HOPE to bring back SMILE and LAUGHTER.

So yeah... that's my story!! 
What is yours?

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